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Forza Street: Free To Play, Everything We Know So Far

When it’s about Racing Games you only hear two of the finest segment which are Need For Speed and Forza. These two have a massive fan following and well experienced in open world racing Games.

Forza previously available only on Consoles but they changed their tradition and launched Forza Horizon 4 on Pc last year. It is mainly a bundle for Xbox consoles and earn more profits when it was on console.

Recently Forza Street is launched and this is a unique set of game with some strange features:

  • New Mechanics in Gameplay

Forza street have a different style of gameplay which is far-far different from Racing games tradition. Forza street having a timing mechanics feature for the gameplay, simply it means that you have to engage different functions when it is prompted to do so for ex brakes, gas etc

  • Night Mode

Forza mainly focuses on the dynamic weather conditions but in Forza street there is no sign of weather change. Game is totally have a timings of Night and its quite similar to Nfs underground.

  • Drag Race

Forza street specializes in Drag Racing and this time it’s on another level but still lack the main dynamics of the game.

  • Cars

Forza street has super cars such as BMW M5, Toyota Supra and the special model of Porsches and Lamborghinis.

  • Garage Customization

Forza added Garage customization in a very special way, upgrades will available after a Race.

So Forza street will available on Android, Os and it is the first time when Microsoft extended its product outside it’s market.

Sarthak Gaur
I am Sarthak from nation's capital, since childhood, I am a huge geek of video games and technology, I like to follow all the latest trends and explore more about them and like to write about it in brief description here at The Digital Wise.

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