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HellBoy! What Went Wrong With This Movie?

Hellboy is here, and it’s a total disaster. The 2019 reincarnation of the Dark Horse Comics poster boy, this time starring David Harbour of Stranger Things fame, was supposed to mark a whole new start for the half-demon superhero. Instead, it sank like a stone at the box office, drawing reviews so barbed that they’d be the envy of Lucifer himself. The movie disappointed critics, audiences, and ultimately its producers, as well as all the poor souls who invested money in bringing the project to life.

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According to Box Office Mojo, the opening weekend for Hellboy brought in considerably less than the lowest of studio Lionsgate’s expectations. While the studio hoped for at least a $17 million take to start things off for the movie’s theatrical run, the boy instead brought back only $12 million, earning third place at the box office with a nationwide release in over 3,300 theaters. That means there were a lot of empty or near-empty theaters playing the movie during its big debut. Out of the people who did see it, enough walked away from the movie agitated enough to saddle it with an abysmal C rating at Cinemascore. All that against a budget that’s been reported to be $50 million — and going by Hollywood accounting rules of thumb, that’s the lowest low end of what possibly could have been spent in bringing the movie to fruition. In other words — oops! Everyone lost their money.

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Clearly, the world wasn’t exactly on fire with anticipation for a new, rebooted Hellboy movie in 2019. But even if people weren’t very excited about the movie, not many predicted it would turn out this bad. As reviews rolled in over the movie’s opening weekend, Hellboy’s Rotten Tomatoes score hovered near the single digits, eventually reaching a 15% rating with roughly 150 reviews. It’s a hell of a headache and a hellish experience. It both came from and can go to… you get it. The point is, people hated this movie.

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Also, the movie is bound to be compared by the previous Hellboy and people felt that this had no storyline and even though it had better CGI and direction people liked the previous Hellboy movies more.


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