Max Payne 4 : Everything We Know So Far


It’s been 7 years when you played your last Max Payne game, Max Payne 3 launched in May 2012 and became one of the massive hits at that time. Max Payne is regarded as one of the best third person shooting games with a buildup story that took it to the next level.

Max Payne series consists of three parts Max Payne, Fall of Max Payne and Max Payne 3, the series revolves around the protagonist Max Payne and his personal life which is very tragic. As in the first part her wife and daughter were murdered and then he roam to avenge their death and exposing various crimes of Valkyr.

In sequel part “Fall of Max Payne”, he found that his own friend Vladmir Lem was the culprit and reason behind his near death experience. The final part when Max working under a muliti-millionaire whose family got murdered one by one and he is the solo witness of the crime, so inmates also want to finish him but they failed miserably.

Now there is a full stop to the story and buildup seems impossible, so there are many least chances that we will see Max Payne in action again. Rockstar Games  also focuses on the project of GTA 6 so this will also shortens the chances of series back to its roots.

Max Payne 4 is nothing but a rumor for now and there is no confirmed news about that there will be another Max Payne in near future. So it’s heartbreaking for the fans as they are eagerly waiting for these type of series to be continue.


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