PlayStation Plus Is Offering A Lot More Than You Realize


There’s a post on PlayStation’s Hungarian Facebook page which is getting a lot of attention today, suggesting that PlayStation Plus is about to get “even better”. It’s led to all kinds of speculation, as you may expect, spanning additional free games through to new features.

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If you’re in the UK, for example, you can currently score a 10 percent discount on a Pure Gym membership or 10 percent off the official Adidas shop. Other offers include a free weekly pass to Sky Sports via Now TV and 50 percent off a day pass. You obviously need to be a PS Plus member to claim these, but the process is as simple as signing into the website and landing your rewards.

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Also, PlayStation has removed the free game feature from PS3 and PS Vita. So there are speculations that on PS4 they would give more free games every month if you are a PS+ member. In a few days, we would also get to know the free games for May 2019. Also, PlayStation is about to make its big announcement in May. People would get to know a lot about the upcoming games and new features for PlayStation.


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