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The Flash Loses His Speed In The Darkest Way Possible

In the DC comics and TV shows, we have seen many times that The Flash loses his speed due to some reason but always gets it back. But, this time DC released a comic in which The Flash loses his speed in the darkest way one could imagine.

Image Source: screenrant.com

In the newest edition of The Flash #68 written by Geoff Johns, we see Captain Cold and Trickster team up to beat the Flash. When Flash is trying to catch the trickster, Captain Cold freezes The Flash’s entire body and Flash becomes unconscious. Now the Dark part kicks in! When The Flash wakes up he realizes that Flash has no legs and The Trickster cuts them off. This is the Darkest way one can imagine Flash losing his speed. Earlier on we have seen Flash losing his speed maybe by dampening powers or something but no one saw this coming.

Image Source: screenrant.com

What is Flash gonna do with his speed when he has no legs? How will The Flash defeat Captain Cold and Trickster now? Read the Comic “The Flash #68” to find out.

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