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These 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Fan Theories Will Make You Bounce For It!

The popular Netflix original drama “13 Reasons Why” has been quoted to get rebooted in the second half this year. Following the story of the life of a devastatingly depressed teenage schoolgirl, the first season of the Netflix drama was well acclaimed both by the critics and the viewers, while the second season got mixed reactions from both. The official announcement for the third season was made soon after the enormous response of the second season. Here are a few mind-bobbling fan theories regarding season three which can make you more excited for its arrival.

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  1. Consequences of Tyler Down 

Season two of the Netflix original ended with Clay influencing Tyler to put down his gun and Tony driving him away in his car, leaving Clay with a gun in hand when the police arrive. The questions like, Where did Tony take Tyler? and Was Clay able to escape before the police came? were left unanswered, and season 2 ended. A Reddit user PumpkinSpice210 wrote about a possible narration:

“In season 3, you could have people being brought in for questioning by the police in regards to where Tyler is. Clay, Jess, Justin, Alex, Tony, Zach, Courtney, Ryan, Cyrus & Mackenzie, Scott, Bryce, his parents would be the one interrogated while Monty could be the antagonist of S3”

The idea of escalating Monty’s character as the villain of Season 3 would definitely invigorate the new season and it will be a thrilling experience to see, will he get punished for his crimes or not.

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2. Did Tyler Stabbed Monty To Death Before Heading To The School Dance

With a lot of fan theories swinging around that could turn the season 3, here is a potential theory that can change everything the viewers have previously predicted. A fan theory suggests that Tyler might have already killed Monty before heading towards the school dance. This theory was only counted out as Monty was not seen at the school dance, unlike the other characters. If this possible theory turns true, it might be a great season ahead.

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3. Justin Might Be Lying About Not Knowing The Clubhouse

The fact of Justin denying the fact of knowing about The Clubhouse is something which scratches my head a lot of times. Despite not being in the baseball team, Justin was the most popular guy of Liberty High and a star basketball player who was best friends with Bryce, the baseball team captain. How can Bryce not tell his best friend Justin about the secret hangout aka the clubhouse? Marcus, on the other hand, was not a part of the baseball team, nor he was good friends with Bryce, still, he not only knew about the clubhouse but he partied there too. The fact of Justin not familiar with the clubhouse is something hard to believe.

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These theories are some possible ways by which season three of the Netflix drama can conclude, nonetheless the storyline will still be fascinating if it excludes any of these possibly predicted theories.

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