What Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut Would Have Been?


After Zack Snyder exited Justice League, Joss Whedon assumed post-production directorial duties and oversaw extensive reshoots for the DC film. We know that Zack Snyder has some different ideas for the 2017 movie Justice League.

Image Source: polygon.com

From recent reports, we know that about 30 mins of the film were cut down. Zack Snyder wanted to introduce Dark Seid as the main villain of Justice League. Like Avengers Infinity War the 2017 Justice League would have been the first part in which all heroes would have been killed by Dark Seid except for Batman and Flash. Flash runs back in time to the events of Batman v Superman when Bruce Wayne downloads Lex Luthers files and Flash warns him about Darkseid. This was supposed to be the end of Justice League part 1 and in the second part, Batman resurrects Superman and Superman and Darkseid have a big fight in the end.

This was what Zack Snyder imagined to do with Justice League and Darkseid but couldn’t pull it off. He shot all the scenes with Darkseid and Justice League and then left the movie mid-production. Joss Whedon removed all Darkseid scenes from Justice League and finished the whole story in one movie. This was one of the reasons why people didn’t appreciate Justice League as much they appreciate Avengers.


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