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Fallout 76 Dungeon Burrows Rolls Out, See What You can Expect

A post launch content for Fallout 76 “Dungeon Burrows”  finally comes out. Map section includes Harpers ferry and  the sewers located under it. The dungeon story name as “Waste Management”.

This is confirmed by Fallout itself in a post on social media:

The dungeon takes players into a maze of underground sewers. But the players are not happy with this move and they claimed that something very important is missing.Players are looking  for more exciting content that doesn’t involving shooting one another on the Survival servers.

There is a one more reason that the Burrows isn’t much challenging. The Burrows is indeed a challenge for 2+ level 50+ Vault Dwellers, Bethesda also confirmed, In reality, any party of two or more people in the level-40-to-50 range are likely to go through it. It’s more challenging solo, especially if you’re under level 50 or lacking in strong weapons and armor.

So Bethesda suggested a way to reciprocal the declining impact of the game after update so that the users don’t find it boring. it’s a step that they took to prevent further criticism.

Bethesda has two more content releases coming in May to finally make DLC comes to rest. The new packs will add a new Backpack system, a new faction and some new quests to unclock.

Bethesda will add The Purveyor to the game,a new unique vendor who can buy and sell legendary gear. After this update, fans will have to wait  more until the summer for the next content release.

Bethesda will work on Nuclear Winter content later this winter to surprise the fans once again.

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