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No Man’s Sky Will Enable VR Support, See How Can You Claim It

After releasing the visions patch 1.77 and 1.76, No Man’s Sky set to bring some new changes in the game. No Man’s Sky will get virtual reality enabled in upcoming days, Hello Games is planning to bring VR systems online.

The special thing about this new feature is that it’s totally free of cost but if you’ve already purchased the game. You will enjoy this feature in your previously saved games so there is no need to follow the clean slate protocol if you want the game in VR.

The best thing  Gamers will experience the exploring the planets, Imagine yourself standing on the soil of another planet with a pleasant weather.

No Man’s Sky VR version release date is expected in June 2019. This is not it NO Man’s Sky also having multiplayer feature, but there is something much more on the plate of Hello Games that they want to bring in the Game.

This update has a name called “Beyond” and Pc gamers have a reason to rejoice as the game runs on Vulkan API support which enhances the performance of the game. Basically it brought up to simply replace OpenGL.

Amd graphic card users will have a huge boost in terms of performance and this is not the end yet, the game will track the crash reports via steams and try to fix bugs and issues in meantime. Whereas Shadow Detail, Reflection quality will enhance after the major update.

It is all disclosed by Hello Games in their patch notes and many more fixes and adjustments will take place in update.

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