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The Curse Of The Weeping Women: Review! Can The Film Stand Next To The Nun

After the enormous success of The Conjuring, Annabelle and The Nun, here comes another horror flick from the roots of the conjuring universe. Regardless coming off from highly applauded The Nun, the latest entry in the conjuring universe has failed to live up to the build-up. Based on the Mexican folk tale of La Llorona, a woman who drowned her two children in a river and then committed suicide due to guilt, the movie suffers due to a loosely tied script with too little scares. While the movie has a few solid moments of thrill and suspense, the spinoff still lacks a pinch of salt which we have seen in the previous conjuring movies.


Based on the famous Mexican folk tale, Michael Chales’s The Curse of The Weeping Woman aka La Llorana, unfolds in Mexico in 1673, giving us the intuition about the ghost of the weeping women. Next to a massive time jump of three hundred years, the story revolves around Anna (Linda Cardellini), a widowed mom and a CPS (Child Protective Services) investigator, who is investigating a case at the residence of Patricia Alarez (Patricia Velasquez), when she gets to know about victims of the “dark spirit” in a white gown and discovers that the spirit of La Llorona has spent three centuries killing kids, trying to reinstate those she drowned in her fit of rage.


Now the story takes a virulent turn as Anna’s own kids Chris (Roman Christou) and Sam (Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen) are now in danger of getting killed. She for the sake of their children’s life takes help of a local priest Father Perez who drives them to Rafael Overa, a man with some unwonted methods.

How Anna and her children manage to repel from the spirit of La Llorana is what stitches the story ahead. While there are a few grasping scenes in the movie, the storyline still fails to hold the attention of the audience.

Summarising the all, the spin-off can be seen due to its fascinating concept and the acting skills of the actors but is quite disappointing as compared to the previous movies in the Conjuring series.

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