The Division 2 Update Enhances Performance Confirms Ubisoft and Here’s What Surprise You’ll Get


Recently Ubisoft confirmed that The Division 2 will get a major boost in terms of performance as they are working on an update which will have major changes. Patch 2.1 is already out this week which fixes many bugs like character bug in revive process.

But there are many stability issues within the performance in PC and it causes many problems for the Gamers. They are currently working on fps boost and crashes with functioning of Direct X 12.

So Nvidia is also currently working on to bring a new driver which will fix the issues in the game. So a stable driver is on the way for the division 2.

Patch will fix major following issues:

  • Reset timers

Timers are important and they want to emerge only one timer at a time.

  • Player Vs Player 

Update confirms the balance in player vs player regarding Red storm.

  • Inventory management
  1. Re-calibrate items from the stash
  2. More filtering options added to inventory


  • Revive Hive

Fixes the bug while displaying the revive hive while reviving.

Another massive blow for the Division gamers is a bit delay in its raid edition. Finalized release date of Operation Dark hours was 25th April but now it got delayed to May 2019. This update will feature 8 player raid and it will available for 8 hours and its free to play for the users.

Feedback panels will get a new shape and users will now get possible responses from the team of Ubisoft studios. So Ubisoft is doing every possible ways to optimize the game for users and to enhance performance in the game.

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