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The Only Avenger To Read The Entire Endgame Script

Avengers: Endgame finally opens next week, and it’ll answer all our questions following the Infinity War climax. We know the Avengers will win, “whatever it takes,” and that most of the fallen heroes will be resurrected. But some of the original Avengers will die to get the job done. Others might retire from the MCU universe after Endgame undoes the snap.

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The Russo Brothers reveal that the only Avengers star to receive a full script for Endgame was Robert Downey Jr., the MCU’s original leading man. After nearly a year of waiting, next week will see Marvel Studios and Disney finally release Avengers: Endgame to theaters.

This was done so that no star reveals spoilers for the film. Some actors like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have a bad habit of giving out spoilers. So to keep them from revealing any news, The directors shot extra scenes so that they would as surprised as the audience as the film comes out. The directors also said that they shot 5 endings for the film so that no actors know what happens in the end.

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