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Titans Season 2: Iian Glen’s First Look As Bruce Wayne Revealed

The first look of Scottish star Iian Glen as Gotham’s own superhero Batman for Titans Season 2 has been revealed. Thanks to a new video from the sets of Titans season 2, Iian Glen is seen walking through the Wayne Manor chatting with Bruce Wayne’s former pupil Dick Grayson. Recently, it was reported that Game Of Thrones star Iian Glen will be portraying the character of The Dark Knight, repealing off all the rumors and several other reports, the new set video confirms that Glen will be bringing back the iconic character of Batman to the screens.

Batman had a few appearances in the first season of DC Original Titans but he was not played by Iian Glen, In fact Batman’s face was mainly kept hidden from the camera. Glen’s entry to the cast has already made fans excited as the Scottish star has previously gained a massive fanbase with his role of knight Jorah Mormont in Game Of Thrones.

The latest set video may not have given us a context, but Glen’s past roles and performances leave a silent clue that he might be the perfect one who can portray the character of Batman as seen in former DC movies and TV series. With set videos now swinging around, Glen’s full look as Batman, with or without the Batsuit can possibly be around in a while.

In addition to Wayne, season 2 will also feature Donna Troy in an important role, as well as the new additions of Deathstroke, Ravager, Jericho, Conner Kent, and Krypto, are said to make the new season look more contrasting and chaotic.

Titans Season 2 will be striking the screens in late 2019.

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