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Lost In Space Season 2: Every Expected Thing That Can Make Season Two Bigger Hit Than Season One

The reboot of 1965’s series of the same name, Netflix’s Sci-Fi Lost In Space has gathered a massive fan base through its first season till the date. The news of its second being on the cards is apparently true and it is assumed that it can be knocking the doors anytime after the release of the third season of Netflix’s controversial drama ’13 Reasons Why’.

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Since the announcement of Lost In Space Season 2, there has been a lot of buzz regarding the cast and how the makers will bend the story ahead. Despite the makers have tried their best to keep the plot and storyline a secret, fans out there are making pre-assumptions regarding the storyline of Season 2. Here’s a thing that is assumed to take place in its season 2:

What’s Next After The Intense Cliffhanger

When talking about what can happen next, the season one ended in a cliffhanger where Jupiter 2, the central spaceship which was used in all variations of Lost In Space, get lost in a wormhole while moving ahead to The Rosoulte which ultimately dives the Robinsons into an unknown alien galaxy. This is when Will Robinson, the young boy from Robinson’s family recognizes that the galaxy resembles a drawing made by the alien robot who previously crashed on the same planet where the Robinsons crashed.

It is predicted that in the upcoming season, Robinsons will try to escape the unfamiliar robot galaxy they mistakenly landed on. In short, the upcoming season will introduce the viewers with more high-end technologies and the robotic civilization in the robot galaxy.

When It Will Be Out?

Since the success of Lost In Space Season One escalated enormously, Netflix didn’t take a long time and announced that Season Two will be coming and cause more danger to the Robinsons. We are still waiting for an official announcement of the release date of Season 2 from the creators.

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