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Molly Parker’s ‘Lost In Space Season 2’: Cast, Plot, Release Date, Announcement and Everything You Need To Know About The Netflix Show

Season One of the Netflix Sci-fi Drama ‘Lost In Space’ has been highly acclaimed both by the critics and the fans, in addition to the enormous success of its first season, Netflix previously has made an official announcement regarding its second season. The show will be back after its cliffhanger ending in the first season. Fans have been waiting for the Season two and are excited to know what happens to the Robinsons. While the plot and the storyline are kept confidential, the interviews from the cast keep giving the fans some hints from time to time.

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Lost in Space is a re-imagination of the 1963 show with the same name (Based on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson). Lost in Space is one of the biggest hits of Netflix. So, it was not unusual that the show got renewed for Season 2. The show’s co-creators Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama confirmed they have some wild ideas for Lost in Space Season 2 and also hinted that it would be more thrilling than the first one.

What About SEASON 2

There is more danger for the Robinson family coming in the Lost in Space Season 2. The official announcement regarding season two came out just one month after the release of the first season.

Matt Sazma and Burk Sharpless said they have been working on the scripts and the season two will be more adventurous and intense as compared to season one.


Reports from The Hashtag Show suggest that some other human being characters will be added to the script in season 2. A character named Ava, a mechanic supervisor, will be one from the new characters along with Commander Jiang.

Talking about the cast, the entire main cast from the season one is expected to return in season two.

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Molly Parker will portray the role of Maureen Robinson, the commander who is taking her family to Alpha Centauri. Taylor Russell will once again return as Maureen’s daughter, Judy and Mina Sundwall will be playing the role of Penny.

Maxwell Jenkins will return as the eleven-year-old Will. Sibongile Mlambo, who played Angela in the first season, is going to be a regular in the upcoming season.

And last but not least, the role of John Robinson will be played by Toby Stephens.


Remembering the previous season, Lost in Space ended on a cliffhanger. With Jupiter 2 apparently getting lost a wormhole, while approaching The Resolute and ended up in an unknown alien galaxy. Will recalls that the galaxy resembled a drawing made by the alien robot (Brian Steele). And this might mean that they were transported to the origin galaxy of the robot.

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The incredible family adventures of Robinson will dive directly into a new world of the Robots. In the second season, the Robinsons will probably try to make contact with The Resolute because they need to reach Alpha Centauri. It can be assumed that the second season will be based on Robinson’s trying to escape the new robot galaxy and discovering a lot more about the technologies and the connection between humans and robots, or it might be dependent upon their efforts to settle in the robot galaxy collectively.


Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the exact release date of the show, but it is expected to make its return on the screens in late 2019 itself. Filming of the second season began in September 2018 and most likely came to end in January 2019. According to the reports, the first season took around seven months of filming and a few more months of CGI work. So, it won’t be wrong to predict that fans will have to wait a little longer for Lost in Space Season 2.

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