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Game Of Thrones: Is Ned Stark Still Alive? Here’s The Answer

There were all the arrangements as the Winterfell is prepared for their final battle and deads are already approached near them. So now all is to wait for the final showdown as Episode details confirmed that there will be a war in the third Episode of the show.

There are many theories which could expect the arrival of Ned stark this season. So let’s light up this theory and consider his comeback.

How Ned Stark Could Come Back

Ned Stark is the first one in the Stark house who got beheaded in Seven Kingdoms. He was a true leader and warrior, and even his friend Robert offer him the throne but odds were against him and he faced so many cruelties and even died later.

Now the fact that will he come back again and take part in this war, this theory has two conclusions as :

Crypts of Winterfell

Everyone’s feeling safe as they are beneath the land of Winterfell and these areas are Crypts of Winterfell which have bodies buried under the surface. So according to theories, there will be a Lord of the Rings concept as these ghost of Winterfell will rise for the welfare of the north.

Rise of the Dead

Everyone is familiar with the powers of Night king and know that there is no limit of his mystical powers as he raised the dead easily. He already resurrected a dragon so resurrecting those who were dead in the crypts is no big problem for him. If he gets succeeds in this move then surely dead Starks will come back for sure and there is no stopping.

So technically Ned stark is dead but he will get resurrected, Is this the surprise ending all cast and crew talking about we will find out at the end of the season.

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