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How Brexit Will Affect Premier League Football, Here’s The Detail

English Premier League has a huge fan base not just in England but in many countries which makes it the most followed league on the globe. It is the most marketable league in European football.

But everything will not the same due to Brexit which manipulates the exit of Britain from Europe. Since Britain decided to leave Europe in back June of 2016, and it will adversely affect the Premier League which is too far away from Politics.

Brexit has some of its consequences which can nearly kill the popularity of Premier League football.

How Brexit affect Premier League?

The conclusion of this fact is not measured upon only one fact that is Brexit. But there are some other implications which will affect the Premier League Football.

Increasing No of British Player in the squad

  • The FA has a policy which sets the no of foreign players at 12 as opposed to 17 which are currently permitted.
  • It’s only implemented to vacant more place for English Players.

Youth Academy

There is a policy in FA that if a player is an academy product from the beginning, the player is considered as a homegrown player. Thus, it will also lessen the chances of players get into the squad who actually belongs to the native country.

Selling Foreign Players

This could be a massive blow to the premier league if the clubs willing to sell foreign players. For example, Muhammad Salah would be sold to another club and he is the most followed footballer in its continent. So it automatically decreases the value of Tv rights and this could be a huge move which nearly destroys the revenue of the Premier League.

So Brexit could be a curse for the Premier League and it will become the main reason for decreasing its popularity.

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