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Pubg PC Lite New Update Rolls Out, Check Out New Details

Pubg Pc lite rolled out its new update on 25th April 2019 as server remain under maintenance for three hours  9:00AM-12: 00 PM (GMT+8).

The new update will fix some of the bugs and add some new things such as:

Parachute System Overhaul

Users requested for the improvement of the parachute, so in the latest patch update, Players will experience the overhauled parachute system. With the improved parachute system, a more realistic motion will allow you to turn the parachute around more smoothly. it also easier to control the parachute, helping you to land on the exact area you want.

Shooting Range Added to the Starting Island

So this is new to Pubg as They came up with an idea that users should be able to enjoy meaningful gameplay in the starting island. Accordingly, a new update will add a shooting range and weapons for you to hone your shooting skills. Try testing all kinds of weapons at the starting island. So there is no roaming around the island and now you can try some shooting before the match.

Pubg also fixed some bugs in the next update

Bug Fixes


  1. Fixed the issue of quick marker not being displayed when the player is in the vehicle
  2. Fixed the issue of the quick marker being displayed on windows


Fixed the issue where there is a chance voice chat doesn’t work in the lobby


  1. Fixed the issue of characters dying after getting off a vehicle driving at a low speed
  2. Fixed the issue of not being able to see inside the vehicle from far away

So this will sum up the major factors of the upcoming update of Pubg Pc lite.

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