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Call Of Duty 2019: Black Ops 4 Updated With “Strike From The Shadows”, Here’s What’s New

This year Call of Duty is in serious doubt that the game isn’t announced yet, So there is no confirmation of the game till now. But Black Ops 4 is still online and due to some limitations, the game totally depends upon online features.

So good news for Call of Duty as Black Ops 4 will get a new update in the form of a new operation. The new operation is titled as “Strike From Shadows”.

What’s New in update

The operation Strike of Shadows will feature a new map ALCATRAZ, This is confirmed by the engine company Treyarch in their social section. Treyarch shared the news through Twitter and confirm the update.

Features in Update

  1. • Hot Pursuit returns
  2. • Deathmatch Domination now on all platforms and 6v6
  3. • Infected map rotation increased
  4. • MP Cluster Grenade tuning

Call of Duty Official Confirmation


So Call of Duty also confirmed the upcoming update through their twitter account.

Release Date

The operation ” Strike from Shadows” will be available on April 30th on PS4 and it will release a week later on other platforms.

Expected Similarities

If you have played Rainbow Six Siege then operation “Strike from the Shadows”, then maybe you will get a Deja vu after playing this update. It is rumored that the new update could be pretty similar to operations in Rainbow Six, So if this is true then Call of Duty will give Rainbow Six a tough competition ahead.

So wait is a week away and then you will get face to face with your opponents in a new map. Hope you will enjoy the new operation.



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