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Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe And J.K Rowling Spotted Filming! It Can Be A Huge Fantastic Beasts 3 Spoiler

Believe it or not but Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe and the creator of the Harry Potter’s magical fantasy world J.K Rowling have been spotted filming something Hatton Garden, London. It has been reported that Daniel Radcliffe was certainly polite with the people around but refused to take selfies. Assuming it might be something related to the upcoming Fantastic Beasts 3 as J.K Rowling was spotted alongside Radcliffe on the location.


This came up from weekly UK-based celebrity and pop music newsletter and associated website, Popbitch.

Daniel Radcliffe has been out and about in Hatton Garden this week, being extremely pleasant to the people who have stopped him but politely refusing selfies as he’s “filming, mate” and doesn’t want pictures getting online.

Daniel’s recent ongoing projects Miracle Workers is finished, Escape from Pretoria and Guns Akimbo are both in post-production and his stage show is not in a position to start yet, the question that emerges through this is what could Daniel be filming? Popbitch somewhat answers the question but makes it even more interesting for the fans.

Interestingly, along with a number of film crew vans, someone swears they also saw JK Rowling on the same street, sat in a stationary black Mercedes, having a chat with people who looked like they were involved in setting up some test shots.

A tweet from a user who spotted Daniel on the location makes the scenario more puzzling,

Could this be something for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts 3? It can be as the production of the film was meant to start soon but was later pushed. The presence of J.K Rowling on the same location is also something one can’t ignore.

If it is something for Fantastic Beasts 3 then this might be a hint that Fantastic Beasts 3 might offer the fans something related to the future past thing.

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