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Iron Man Aka Tony Stark To Feature In SpiderMan: Far From Home? Robert Downey Jr’s Role In MCU Is Not Over Yet!

Avengers Endgame, the final mega showdown of the saviors of the earth, the Avengers, marked the end of an iconic saga of Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Iron Man’s death in Endgame has made fans depressed and fans want the MCU to somehow plan Tony’s return to the MCU’s superhero universe again. In between the huge and enormous success of Avengers: Endgame and the death of Iron Man, fans have somehow forgotten that there is still one film left in Marvel Phase 3. The upcoming and last flick of Marvel Phase 3, SpiderMan: Far From Home, might feature Iron Man’s last appearance on the screen.

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This came up through a viral Tumblr post by user iiporcelain-marionetteii,where he shared screenshots from Iron Man’s Fandom page along with screenshots of Mysterio’s. This dark fan theory also states how we might able to get Tony’s glimpse one last time again on the big screens. The Fandom page of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Iron Man quotes SpiderMan: Far From Home as his last appearance and slates Mysterio as ‘a master of creating illusions’ and ‘destroying SpiderMan in the most dramatic way possible’ as his goal.


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Fan theories are assuming that Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming flick to destroy and win against SpiderMan, will create an illusion of Peter’s mentor he recently watched die resulting in Peter’s mental unconsciousness.

Though it is too soon to believe these fan theories or assume something, it is clear that the movie will feature one of the most notorious opponents of SpiderMan till the date and being the last movie of Marvel Phase 3, the after-effects of Avengers: Endgame will be clearly visible in the movie.

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