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5 Reason To Avoid Using Free Vpn While Torrenting!!

Torrent is a P2P platform that allows users to download and upload different kinds of file contents like movies, Tv series, software, etc. The major drawback of torrent is plenty of malware and illegal files are shared here which are generally masked. Hence when the ISP catches users downloading such illegal files, they are given a warning and in the worst case, legal action can be taken against them, ceasing their internet connection forever.

This is the reason why trusted VPNs are recommended for using torrents as they mask the IP address and it becomes difficult for ISP or hacker to track the download activity. Now, the thing is while you are using VPN, always go with paid VPNs for torrenting. Free VPNs can be budget-friendly but, comes with multiple risks.

The following points will show why you need to avoid free VPN while torrenting. Now you’ll see the benefits of premium VPNs for torrenting.

1. Security issues
The main purpose of using a free VPN is to mask your IP address so that hackers or any third-party people are unable to track your activity. Free VPN are itself mostly malware and instead of protecting your IP, they put you more in trouble. Their motive is to spam you with useless advertisements, emails in the mask of a VPN and in return gain access to your credit card details or infecting your device with ransomware for some fast cash. 38% of free VPN’s are complete malware.

2. Uses tracking system
As per the researches, 78% of free VPN seems to use tracking library. They use trackers in their source code that keeps track of each online activity and uses your data in advertisements, spanning and other illegal activities. They are found to log user’s connections, redirect their online traffic and monitor their browsing history which is exactly opposite to the responsibility of a trusted VPN. Some of the examples are- Hotspot Shield, Betternet, Opera free VPN, Tuxler, go free VPN and many more are there in the row.

3. Slows down Internet
Torrent downloads are generally slow in the beginning compared to general downloads but, gradually picks up the speed as the download progresses. As you know every good thing comes at a cost, VPN service providers giving free service slows down your internet speed like a tortoise so that you upgrade to its features. While some free VPN in the mask of giving you, speed eats up your bandwidth and sells it to third parties resulting in slow internet connection.

4. Very basic features
The free VPN servers are either the biggest malware or even if they are trusted their quality is very poor. You will notice that as a free user, only basic features you can access which gives minimal level protection. The advanced features like Kill Switch or DNS leak protection are never provided by free VPN. Also, the servers in free VPN are limited to a few locations. Your entire internet security is kind of being compromised which you need while torrenting.

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