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Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Everything We Know So Far

Black Mirror is one of the thrilling series by Netflix which changes the shape of technology. In previous seasons there were many aspects which have a significant role in showcasing technology.

Black Mirror Season 5 is on the way and it could be the best season of the show ever had. But there are a few things you should know about the latest season.

Release Date

Netflix will premiere Black MIrror Season 5 on 5th June 2019. It is confirmed by Netflix itself that show will be available for streaming on 5th June.

No of Episodes

However, since season 3 there are 6 episodes in the show but this time Netflix again rooting for their old format. So Season 5 will consist of 3 episodes confirmed by Netflix.


Netflix launched its Black Mirror trailer recently which shows some sequences of all the three episodes. So see yourself and ready for action which is just one month away.


This season’s cast has very familiar faces which could boom the rating of the show. Stars like Andrew Scott who is Sherlock fame, Moriarity¬†is a popular antagonist in the series. So fans are already excited for his appearance in the show. in the 2nd episode, Falcone fame Anthony Mackie will also on board to be a feature on screen as a lead in the series 2nd episode. Even Miley Cyrus will also feature in this season


All three episodes have a different storyline and trailer already declared Andrew Scott a fugitive. Anthony Mackie as a family man. Whereas Miley Cyrus once again shows her stardom in this season.

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