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Captain America Is Returning After Avengers Endgame! Russo Brothers Hints On Chris Evans Return As Captain America In Upcoming Loki Series

In Avengers Endgame everyone saw past Loki teleporting himself and disappearing away with the tessaract when Iron Man, Ant Man and Captain America try to sieze one from the events of Avengers in 2012.
The Endgame directors Joe Russo and Antony Russo recently in an interview hinted that the upcoming Loki series might feature Captain America in another timeline with Loki, which he enters to restore and return the borrowed infinity stones and Thor’s Mjolnir which might possibly turn the loosely packed end of past Loki in Avengers Endgame into a Captain America’s superior and marvelous run of search for the God of mischeif Loki and the tessaract.

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In their latest interview with Travis Clark (Business Insider) the brothers said,
“Loki, when he teleports away with the Time Stone, would create his own timeline. It gets very complicated, but it would be impossible for [Cap] to rectify the timeline unless he found Loki,” Joe said. “The minute that Loki does something as dramatic as take the Space Stone, he creates a branched reality.”
“We’re dealing with this idea of multiverses and branched realities, so there are many realities,” Anthony said.
There’s a question of, how did this separate timeline Cap come to reappear in this timeline and why?” Anthony added.
The statements from the makers subtly hints that it can be assumed that Captain America is likely to get featured in the upcoming Disney+ Loki series. Talking about Cap, Chris Evans played the role of Captain America till the latest MCU flick Avengers Endgame, it might turn as a little less surprise if Chris Evans reprises the role in the Disney+ series as he is the one who has so far portrayed the character of Captain America in every movie emerging as the fan favorite of the audience in a past few years.
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