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Game of thrones theories which makers ruined in final season

Game of Thrones is about to end with one episode remaining in the final season of the epic show. Game of Thrones had many theories before its end which cause a sensation in the show time period. But these theories flushed down the drain as makers twisted the plot completely.


Jon Snow the true heir of the throne

After two seasons when it is discovered that Jon snow is no stark but he is Argon Targaryen, son of Rheagar and Lyna. The Legitimate heir to the throne who will rule seven kingdoms in the end. But he didn’t want the throne from the very first beginning and my god he is a man of a word and didn’t take the throne instead Bran sat on the throne which is quite absurd.

Bran is night king

With the connections of bran and night king which caught him in his vision. It is assumed that bran has mixed the timelines and night king is none other than him. He also followed the pattern of the stark signature lineup in his army. But actually, there is no relation of Bran being a white walker

Tyrion Will be KIng of Seven Kingdoms

Many theories presumed that if Jon and Daenerys will not make it to the throne, then Tyrion will be the undisputed king of seven kingdoms. But this theory also failed by the makers and with the bran on the throne, everything fades away.

So most theories were based on who will sit on the iron throne and every single theory doesn’t mention of Bran being on the throne. So makers made a joke out of the show and proved everyone wrong or the show made in such a way to fail these theories. Who Knows but the show had an unexpected end for sure.

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