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Thanos with infinity gauntlet or without gauntlet, who is stronger?

Avengers Endgame blew everyone’s mind, whether it’s a storyline, CGI or character development. From multiple protagonists to a mighty mad titan antagonist, everyone had their immense impact in the franchise.

But one thing which everyone concerns that nature of Thanos which is quite unpredictable in the franchise. He has much impact when he doesn’t have infinity gauntlet but with infinity gauntlet, he just gets caught if quill didn’t intervene when gauntlet pulling out by Avengers. So what version of Thanos is more powerful?


Thanos with Gauntlet

Thanos acquired every infinity stones and vanished half of the earth population, he got succeed in his intentions. But this made him weaker, despite he aims to wipe out earth population but Gamora sacrifice made him weak. This is the reason why he is not on his prime and only wished to take the remaining mind stone without providing any collateral damage.


Thanos without infinity gauntlet

This is all past which becomes present in quick seconds. In the meantime, Thanos had known everything happened with him and the world and now he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes he made. He decided to wipe out the whole universe this time and nearly destroyed earth. But Avengers came in his way, this version of Thanos has nothing to lose, that’s why he is stronger than the man with the infinity gauntlet. However, infinity gauntlet has so much power that it could make every possible wish into reality. But Thanos was emotional earlier and now he doesn’t care about anyone even his daughter.


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