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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 On Netflix? What Can Happen Next

Netflix’s Superhero series The Umbrella Academy is an adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s comic book series of the same name. Season one of the Netflix superhero drama was aired on April 15, 2019, since when the fans have been waiting for its second season to get on the cards. The first season of the series was highly acclaimed by the fans and the critics and got high appreciations for its cast and visuals, because of which the series was then renewed in the same month by Netflix.
The first season of the Netflix superhero drama ended with an intense cliffhanger with all the siblings disappearing before the city gets destroyed. Despite being unaware of the actual plot and storyline of the second season, the fan theories about the second season have been swinging around for a while all over the internet. A few fan theories from the Redditors explain what can happen next in the storyline.


Theory #1

Via Redditor u/Tetrabud

Would it be too obvious for them to go back to 1963 in Dallas, Texas? They mention early on in this 1st season the “1963 incident” (I think it was Cha-Cha or Hazel who mentions it), and of course, we know Number Five has unfinished business there. It was the last place he time traveled, and would probably be ‘easiest’ for him to attempt to go back (bringing everyone along with him).
And of course, the second graphic novel is titled “Dallas”, and those of you that have read it know there’s a ton of story that could still be told. The showrunners plan to have 8 graphic novels and 8 Netflix seasons to go with it, so this makes sense to me.

Theory #2

Via Redditor u/PandasOnGiraffes

When Klaus dies in Dallas, he comes back and says it’s no problem when the Hargreaves children die. This could imply that Ben isn’t dead yet, he’s just stuck in between like Klaus was and has not been able to come back fully yet. This might also explain why he’s easier to conjure than any other dead person for Klaus and even when he’s high.

Theory #3

Via Redditor u/OtisTP

I know the last episode made it seem like [Reginald Hargreeves] was from another planet but what if he was from the distant future instead? It would explain how he knew so much about time traveling when arguing with Five early on. It would also explain how he knew about the apocalypse.
Maybe he even thought he could train Vanya to the point that she wouldn’t cause it but realized early on he would fail.

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