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Why Battlefield Should Not Release Vietnam Era, Here Are The Possible Reasons

After a string of developing games set in the modern era, EA  returned to their ancient roots as Battlefield 1 took players to the era of the First World War, and Battlefield 5 featured the series to the Second World War.

Now it is reported that the Battlefield 6 could be set in the timeline of the Vietnam War. This must be a very wrong move which could cause many problems to the franchise. The battlefield should not consider historic war because:

Modern Military Based Projects

Past two games of Battlefield mainly focused on the Historic events and modern military games are fading away within the time period. Battlefield 3 was the last game of Battlefield series which was truly appreciated in terms of gameplay and storyline. So there is much need of modern military based game which could maintain the standards of the Battlefield franchise.

Level of Competition

Call of Duty made so many mistakes but this year it looks like the company is looking for a comeback. This could only happen if their next game is based on the modern military. if they bring back the game to its roots then there will be a tough competition which battlefield had won from the past two years and in the segment of ancient wars.

Game Mechanics

Historic wars have a problem and that is the latest technology of weapons. Weapons used in these ancient period games are not completely satisfactory for the users, as there is no advanced weaponry and air support. So this could change if Battlefield dropped the idea of the Vietnam era.

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