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Conan Unconquered: A Competition to Dota and Age of Empires

Conan Unconquered is all set to release and gaining all the hype its deserved. It is a strategy based game which falls under the category of RTS games. Gameplay compromises of collecting resources and use them to build up your army.

Release Date

The game will release on 30th May 2019, so get ready to have your army and become a conqueror.


The trailer features a huge companion of Conan up against a huge army. So it simply shows the glimpse of battles that will feature in the game.


It is now available on Pc’s only and there is no information about the other platforms release.

Why it is a competitor for Dota and Age of Empires?

But now the real deal is that will it become a major competition among the leaders like Age of Empires and Dota which are considered as the best in business. Dota is leading have an only major reason that it is available free on the market whereas Age of Empires and Conan Unconquered come at a price. so the competition will be on the cards when the game will officially launch.

if the competition is concerned then the gameplay of Conan Unconquered is up to the mark. Funcom has a deep analysis of the game and talks about the features and mechanics of the game. Take a look here:

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