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Game Of Thrones Prequel: Bloodmoon, Everything We Know So Far

Game of Thrones finally came to an end and left everyone scratching their minds. As the show totally twisted and almost devastated in terms of storyline. But the tale does not end here as now the story will follow through what’s happened before  Game of Thrones.

Bloodmoon is titled as the official prequel of popular HBO series Game of Thrones.


It is reported that the filming for the show is already in the procedural schedule. So the project is in development and hit the screens hopefully very soon. It also takes place in Belfast, Ireland.

Release Date

However, the release date of the show is not revealed yet. But the expected release date of the show could be next year, the same as Game of Thrones.


Recently  Naomi Watts as a lead character. She will play a mysterious character having a dark secret. And that’s all we know about her character, as everything else is still a secret now.


The storyline takes you through prequel of Game of Thrones which simply features the Children of Forest. So if Children of Forest will feature in the how then there will be Night king for sure. So in simple words, Bloodmoon mainly focuses on the origin of Night king and White Walkers. That is a good thing for the Game of Thrones as Night king’s mythical character is still a mystery in the show.

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