Observation The Game, Everything We Know So Far

Observation Game, Observation The Game, Everything We Know So Far

If there will be a game based on popular A Space Odyssey, then you should observe Observation for the project. Observation is a new Sci-fi adventure brought up by No code and published by Devolver.

Here are some facts about the game:

Release Date

The game will be available on May 21, so experience the space artificial intelligence in your Observation.



The developers already mentioned that they have not yet considered Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, and remain focused on the game’s launch on the PS4 and PC. So the game will available on these two platforms.

Reasons to Avoid Xbox and Switch Version

Ditching some platforms having valid reasons and why developers took this major step is having a concept behind. When asked about why they decided to make the game a console exclusive for the PS4, they gave the reason that the  Sony had taken an early interest in this game and has worked closely with Devolver for a number of years and have a longstanding relationship.


PS4 store library will have the game for its sales whereas Epic Games store will be in the command for purchase platform for PC.


Observation is a science fiction thriller which set in the Low Orbital Space Station. Players having their role of the space station’s staff -artificial intelligence, Systems Administration and Maintenance, called  SAM for short. As the game begins, SAM reboots and turns on, and discovers that the space station is in some problems. The crew has gone missing and is not contactable, As SAM, who continues to grow self-aware time to time, players must help Dr. Fisher for her survival.