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PewDiePie Vs. T-Series: The Gap Is Close To Be 2.7 Million, What’s Next !

PewDiePie vs T-Series is an online competition between two YouTube channels, PewDiePie (run by Felix Kjellberg) and Indian record company T-Series (a company run by Bhushan Kumar), for the title of the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. T-Series has held the title of the most-viewed channel since early 2017, and PewDiePie had been the most-subscribed channel since 2013. But now T-Series has temporarily overtaken PewDiePie on numerous occasions in 2019, and on 27 March 2019, they became the most subscribed channel for five consecutive days before PewDiePie retook the lead.

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Recently India leading YouTube channel T-Series surpassed Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie being the no. 1 channel in the world. With PewDiePie Being the second one on the list. And this time the gap or the subscriber’s difference is nearly 2.7 Million, the longest gap till now when this online competition started.

Now with this is big question coming in that would PewDiePie be able to surpass T-Series this time with the biggest gap of 2.7 Million, this gap of 2.7 Million is the longest gap till now and it seems nearly impossible for PewDiePie to overcome this gap this time. Because it is really tough to overcome channel with 98.7 Million subscribers so instantly.  This time it will take PewDiePie a lot of effort to maintain the position of number.1 channel in this Digital world and YouTube.

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