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Who Can Bring Iron Man Back In The MCU? Morgan Stark, Harley Keener Or Peter Parker?

Avengers Endgame has dynamited and smashed all the box office records within its first three weeks. Despite being critically and commercially acclaimed, what shocked the fans from the roots was the death of Iron Man aka Tony Stark during the events of Endgame. Tony Stark might have turned out as the ultimate savior of the humanity and the world but the fact of him being dead has depressed a lot of fans in a lot many ways. Nevertheless the legacy and the suit Stark left behind will be taken forward, but the question is who will do this? Here are some possible ways Iron Man can come back to the MCU and upcoming Marvel Phase 4.

#1 Morgan Stark

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“I dreamt we had a kid. It was so real. We named him after your eccentric uncle. Uh, what was his name? Morgan.”

Back then in Infinity War, Stark told Pepper that he had a dream of them having a boy who was named on Pepper’s eccentric uncle Morgan. Now, in Endgame we see Stark’s daughter named Morgan Stark. She was born in the five-year period we see after the events of Infinity War. She is first seen after the five-year time jump at the start of the film and later attends her father’s funeral. Unlike Stark’s dream, this Morgan is a girl and not a boy as Stark predicted in his dream. It is possible that Morgan being as smart as his father when grown up, might acquire all of Stark’s resources and land up in the “Iron Man Suit” soon in the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 movies.

#2 Harley Keener

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Harley Keener is played by Ty Simpkins, a young boy with high tech skills who previously landed in as a supporting character in Iron Man 3. Despite there were no lines given to the actor in Avengers: Endgame, it was just a camera panning over him which was enough for the people to recognize him.

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This came up when reportedly, Simpkins signed a three movie deal with Marvel, which means he might be stepping up that armor very soon in the upcoming Marvel movies.

Though we can’t predict what will be happening with that Iron Man armor in the future as for now, we can assume that Harley Keener, the young boy from Iron Man 3 might land up to this anytime soon.

#3 Peter Parker aka Spider-Man

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Tony mentored Peter since the events of Captain America: Civil War, where he identifies him and asks him to be on his side. In Spider-Man: Homecoming we see Stark helping Peter to be better than he was before, indicating his role as a mentor is to give the world a new superhero who can walk on his footsteps or one who can step up in the Iron Man suit and continue the Iron Man legacy after he is gone. Much of the second trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home focuses on Peter stepping on as the next Iron Man. It might sound witty but it comes up when Peter says, “The world needs the next Iron Man.” This is followed by Nick Fury asking, “Are you going to step up or not?” The dialogues and the reactions from Nick Fury and Peter make it obvious that something regarding the next Iron Man of MCU might be coming soon.

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