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Why Should EA Sports Fifa 20 Needs To Release Cross Platform Feature

EA sports fifa is leading its franchise in terms of E-sports simulation. it is regarding as the best soccer game and killed its competition every year.

But the game is not improvised yet and there are many mistakes that fifa makes every year. There is much need of Cross-platform feature in the next installment of fifa 20.

Cross-Platform in fifa

fifa is an e-sports simulation which is thoroughly enjoyed by the whole world on their desired platforms. But they always are up against each other of the same platform which needs to be changed in future franchises.

Why Cross-Platform is Important in fifa

Cross-platform is crucial in fifa , as there are many factors which could benefit the experience of fifa.

  • Better Matchmaking

it’s pretty obvious, no one wants to wait longer for a match and with the same platform’s system, its always late for matchmaking. so with the cross-platform matchmaking process will be smooth and players will find their competitors easily.

  • Level of Competition

fifa has a good level of competition, but it is based on ranks and seasons division wise. So to extend the competition players from every platform should emerge in one. So that the competition builds higher and tough for the experience of fifa.

Will it Possible?

Yessss it could happen if Developers wants to implement this feature in the game. But why they don’t consider this move is still out of the box, Maybe cheating and other hacks. So maybe it didn’t happen for the preventive measures and for the safe conduct of the online gaming.

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