4 Reasons Why To Binge Watch Spider-Man: Far From Home On First Day First Show

The ultimate saga of the infinity stones might have came to an end with Avengers: Endgame but the final showdown of Marvel Phase 3, Spider-Man: Far from Home is still left and it has been  a topic everyone is buzzing around for a while ever since the release of its official trailer. Here are four reason why you should watch Spider-Man: Far From Home on its very first day:
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#1 It concludes and answers the questions Endgame left behind
Spider-Man: Far From Home as mentioned is the last movie of Marvel Phase 3, which certainly means that the whole Marvel Universe will be changing with this movie and this movie will somehow setup the new characters we will be seeing in Marvel Phase 4. It is assumed that the movie might answer the biggest question Endgame left behind about the next Iron Man or Woman.
#2 It might be the last time we see Tony and Stan Lee on the big screens.
Kevin Fiege, the president of Marvel studios, previously said that they had filmed a few more scenes with Stan Lee and a authentic Stan Lee cameo might come after Endgame too. The rumors around suggest that Far From Home will feature Stan Lee’s last cameo and also a glimpse of Peter’s mentor Tony Stark.
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#3 The Chemistry Between Tom-Zen 
The stories of Tom Holland and Zendaya on and beyond the sets isn’t a big secret now. The clips from the filming and promotions of the movie have recorded both the stars flirting with each other enormously. It will be a great experience to see how this evolving chemistry off the screens between the two affect their performances on the screens.
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#4 Experience the whole new Spider-Man
Peter Parker aka Spider-Man before Tony’s death had his full support and Tony always stood their to save his back in every virulent situation he got stucked. This will be the first time when Peter has no one to save his back and this time he has to fight on his own with any calamity that will took place. Remember the world needs new Iron-Man.


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