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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Finale: What’s Next For Captain Holt In Season 7?

In the Season 6 finale of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and his friends assembled a team of powerful and highly unlikely allies within the NYPD to take down Commissioner Kelly or as Jake puts it as their very own Suicide Squad. This Suicide Squad includes Jake, Captain Holt, Amy, Boyle, Vulture, Captain C. J. and, Madaline Wuntch.

Jake, Charles, and Capt. Holt discovered that Kelly was using illegal wiretaps to bring New York’s crime rates down, Jake formed his very own Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad planned to commit a fake crime so serious that Kelly would be forced to deploy his newfangled wiretapping technology. In the end, Kelly is fired, but not arrested. He gets a job in the private sector because, as Holt puts it, “this world is terrible.” As a result, Wuntch is made acting commissioner. As her first official act, she demotes Holt after finding out that he only served one month as a patrolman before he was promoted to detective. As the episode comes to a close, Holt is seen directing traffic in the middle of 8th Ave. On the bright side, Holt’s demotion means there’s enough money in the budget to cover Terry’s raise so the lieutenant won’t have to relocate to the 112th Precinct in (gulp!) Staten Island. 

So this is the second time Wuntch has done something like this to Holt as at the end of Season 2 she sends Holt to PR Department. So probably we are gonna see more of Madaline Wuntch in Season 7 as she is now the acting commissioner of the NYPD.

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