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Shows You Must Watch If You Have Seen Game Of Thrones, Here’s The List

You’ve recently watched Game of Thrones final season and now you are craving for a show which is quite similar to it.

There are some options which are worth watching if you’ve watched Game of Thrones.


Spartacus is an American television series which was inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BCE led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic departing from Capua. [Source: Wikipedia]

Source: New Zealand Film Commission

Da Vinic’s Demons

Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy drama series that presents a fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci’s early life.

The show follows Leonardo as he is implicated in the political schemes of the Medici and Pazzi families and their contrasting relationships with the Catholic Church. These events occur alongside Leonardo’s quest to obtain the Book of Leaves as he finds himself entangled with a cult known as the Sons of Mithras. [Source: Wikipedia]

Source: Slant Magazine

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a British historical series which features The tale has its main character Osbert re-baptised as Uhtred after his elder brother is killed by the invading Danes. Then his father along with other Saxon noblemen of Northumbria were killed in battle with these same Danes. Only his uncle and step-mother survive. Uhtred and a Saxon girl named Brida are taken as slaves by Earl Ragnar, now settled in Danish Northumbria which becomes their adopted home as they grow older.[Source: Wikipedia]

Its lead character reminds you of Game of Throne’s Jon Snow as they are very similar faces likewise. so this must be another reason if you want to be a little nostalgic.

Source: BBC America


Vikings is a historical drama, the show portrays Ragnar as a farmer who rises to fame by successful raids into England and eventually becomes a Scandinavian King, with the support of his family and fellow warriors. In the later seasons, the series follows the fortunes of his sons and their adventures in England, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. [Source: Wikipedia]

Source: TV Guide


Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure drama, the show features a reimagining of the legend in which the future King Arthur and Merlin are young contemporaries. Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon has banned magic in Camelot. Its use is punishable by death, forcing Merlin to keep his magical powers secret from everyone in Camelot other than his mentor Gaius. Arthur grows from a young, self-absorbed boy to the mighty king in the legends, while Merlin develops into his colossal role in creating the powerful Camelot. The show also featured some dragons which makes it similar to the Game of Thrones. so you should definitely try this one out.

Source: Yahoo View

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