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These 5 Actors Could be Better Batman Than Robert Pattinson

It is reported that DC appointed Robert Pattinson as their next Batman for upcoming projects. Mostly he featured in Romantic films as his appearance is much appealing in these kinds of roles.

But becoming Batman came out of nowhere, even he got surprised that he will be the next Batman. So here are the actors who are much better alternatives for the role.

Scott Adkins

The undisputed fame could be undisputed Batman after Ben Affleck. He is also a Martial Artist who could perfectly fit for the role.

Source: Martial Arts Action Movies!


Micheal Fassbender

Micheal Fassbender is the one who can adapt any role, from Prometheus to Jobs he showed the world he can do any kind of role. So playing Batman is no harder part of him and he could be the best alternative of Robert Pattinson for the Batman.

Source: Taste of Cinema



Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise played every kind of role but never featured as a superhero. So he could get a role of Batman if Robert Pattinson wasn’t appointed at the very first place. He has some basic similarities of Christian Bale who is one of the best Batman. So his preference for the Batman role could be a turning point in his career.

Source: W Magazine

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most underrated actors in the world. Prince of Persia fame has now portrayed the role of Mysterio in upcoming Spider-Man far from home. He never played a superhero and could be a better Batman than Robert Pattinson.

Source: Famous Biographies

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy also worked in DC universe as an antagonist in the final franchise of popular Batman Series. But he never ruled out any chances of becoming a superhero in the near future. However, he is currently playing Venom for the Marvel Universe and this could shorten his chances of playing Batman, but he will be better than Robert Pattinson of course.

Source: The Daily Beast

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