Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers, Definite Rankings From Least To Most Powerful

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Avengers who saved the world from Thanos have specialized powers of their own. But who is the strongest among them is quite debatable, So rankings are based upon powers and their strengths.

10. Spiderman

A mere child of 17 who becomes the youngest spiderman and was up against the greatest avengers. He is ranked as 10th in the list of powerful Avengers.

Power: Great Reflexes and Skills

Abilities: with the proper use of advanced technology suits, he becomes more lethal and his artificial intelligence battle mode is a bonus.

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9. Black Panther

The king of Wakanda has ferocious pace and agility to battle it out against beasts.

Power: Master of 7 types of Martial Arts.

Abilities: Suit technology resists severe damage.

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8. Vision

An android who made up from the brilliant minds of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, And of course the abilities of the mind stone.

Powers: Destroy opponents with his beams in quick seconds.

Abilities: possesses mind stone and could read minds and also assume the upcoming danger.

Source: ScreenGeek

7. Doctor Strange

The master of mystical arts who can use time as his greatest weapon.

Powers: uses many spells to defeat its opponents

Abilities: possesses time stone and could do modifications with time.

Source: The Verge

6. Iron Man

Now the most loved Avenger who is regarded himself as a genius and multi-millionaire. He has every kind of latest modifications which made his suit vulnerable

Powers: uses his sharp mind to turn out every situation and find a possible way to overcome a problem.

Abilities: Has multiple sets of suits and modifications which make him more and more volatile in battles.

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5. Hulk

The green monster who never gives his enemies a sigh of relief. his anger and temperament are so dangerous for one who is against him.

Powers: Muscle power beyond imagination

Abilities: Perform various functions despite his weight and could bear severe damage.

Source: Digital Spy

4. Captain America

The first Avenger who is regarded as the epitome of truth. he never gave up on any situation and always ready for challenges.

Power: His strength and Endurance is his weapon, after being worthy he is the only one who can lift Mjolnir.

Abilities: Great fighting moves and lethal with his shield.

Source: Digital Spy

3. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has many supernatural powers which made her a dangerous threat for the enemies.

Power: Supernatural powers which can control the surroundings and could provide much damage to her enemies.

Abilities: She can control minds and kill her enemies if she wants.

Source: YouTube

2. Thor

Regarded as the God of thunder who is very lethal with its hammer.

Powers: Possesses the natural power of a god and could provide severe damage to his enemies by his set of hammers.

Abilities: Can fly and summon the Brifost and could be anywhere he wants.

Source: YouTube

1. Captain Marvel

She is regarded as the strongest avenger and could be invincible. her powers made her resist so many damages that up against her.

Powers: Extreme level of endurance and more muscle power.

Abilities: She can fly too and can survive in space without any difficulties.

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