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Why Game Of Thrones Disappointed Fans? And What Mistakes Made By Show Which Twisted The Plot


If you don’t want to spoil the ending then you should exit right now.


The battle incidents occurred in Season 8 is not much worthy of the hype. first, the battle of Winterfell has many cinematic errors which ruin the episode. Then these battles are much more of a joke, Night king assassination, end of Cersei. These events made fans starstruck and in a different way, the show had many battles which took time and actually good. But in finale season this gets over really quick as the makers are in much hurry to end the show.

Source: Time Magazine


Cinematic Errors

The final season of the Game of Thrones is in a lot of controversies as the show is much more of a darker version. We are not talking about the plot but the cinematic presentation of the show. The episode Battle of Winterfell was so much darker than even full HD  screens are worthless. So it is one of the biggest cinematic error in history and as a resultant, it rated as the second worst episode of all seasons.

Source: Time Magazine


Game of Thrones plot is not quite understandable, even if you skipped those boring conversations, then I am sure you already missed a huge point. But the storyline of this season is not up to the mark of Game of Thrones standards, Mighty villain Night King came to an unexpected end which easily showed that the show has some serious problems. Sudden change in Daenyrys character, One Dragon destroyed the whole city and the troops whereas the two have died in few attacks. So there are many things which twisted the plot in such a way that show will never overcome his failures.

Source: CNet

Unexpected Ending

Makers and cast already confessed that there could be an unexpected ending. So there is one more way to annoy fans, as the majority wants Jon Snow to be on Iron Throne. But actually Bran Stark on the throne doesn’t ring any bells for the fans.

So it is pretty obvious that fans must be angry with the last season and some of them even filed a petition for re-write.


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