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5 Tips To Tell Your Boss That You Want To Quit From Job

If you have crossroads in your career and have taken the decision to quit your job it is now the time to
inform your boos about the decision. No matter whatever the reason may be – whether you are leaving
for joining a new position or for starting your new business or for taking time off, it is very important
that you leave the job with grace and professionalism. But telling the boss about the decision of quitting
the job is just like breaking up with a partner. That is the reason why some people feel terrible about it.
So some people look for the best letter template but instead of that we have come up with some useful
tips that will help you to tell boos about your decision easily:

  • Prepare a scene: The first thing that you need to do is to set up a meeting with your supervisor
    so that you can deliver the news in person. Setting a meeting is important because you should
    talk about this decision one-to-one with your boss without any distractions. You have to lead
    the conversation and should have control over the situation. Remember that quitting a job is
    not a crime but a natural part of the working world. You are neither the first nor the last person
    to quit the job. So, there is nothing to fear and your boos also know that he will soon find your
    replacement. Hence, it is advisable to keep some distance between yourself and the job that
    will certainly help you to make the conversation easier.
  • Express gratitude: Even if you are angry or unhappy with your current job you must say some
    good about your job while to go to your boss for telling about the decision of quitting the job.
    You must express your gratitude for all the opportunities that he had given you to learn new
    skills. Show that you are grateful to him for the inspiration and the support that you have got
    from him. You can also emphasize how much you have learned from his expertise. In addition, it
    is also necessary to appreciate your boss about the way he had influenced your life and career.
  • Remember to prepare with the reason for leaving the job: Since you have already made up
    your mind to quit your job you should not think about any reason to stay. Because you enter
    the cabin of your boss you must prepare your reply. It will be an obvious question that your
    boss will ask that what made you make this move – whether it is for getting the high-level
    position or for getting a higher salary or for better work-life balance. You must prepare your
    answer beforehand. The best thing to tell in this situation is that you have taken this decision to
    quit the job of chasing your dreams and aspirations. Always remember that in this situation you
    have to stay calm, positive and energized and should never lose your control over the situation.
  • Don’t disclose too much: While you will talk to your boss about the future prospect you should
    be honest but remember that you should not discuss too much on it. Your employer has
    nothing to do with where and why you are moving on. So, there is no reason to leak the details
    of your new company nor you should disclose about the perks that you are being offered by the
    new company. Most importantly there is no need to feel guilty about the decision of your
    moving on, you should just speak in general terms.
  • Avoid any kind of burning bridge and venting: Even you leave the job you should not break
    your connection and valuable friendships. Since nobody has fired you and it is your own
    personal decision to leave the job there is no reason to make your boss or colleague offended.
    It is very important that the last conversation with your employer leaves a good impression
    rather than embarrassing memories. So, you should maintain your composure and keep your
    emotions in check.

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