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One Punch Man Season 2 Is The Greatest Anime Ever! Here’s Why

Saitama is back with his epic one punch and is more fearless, impeccable and virulent this time. The second season of Japanese anime series based on the web comic created by One and its subsequent manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man is released and fans can’t get over it.

The series follows the story of Saitama, who was once just an ordinary boy next door but who after an ambitious training of three years emerges as the strongest superhero on the planet. The main character of the series, Saitama has the ability and power to defeat his opponent and anyone who tries to harm humanity just with his one punch.

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The series first debuted in 2015 and was highly successful all around the globe and was quoted as one of the best anime of all time. After the success of its season one, it was quite obvious that the makers are planning to come up with its second season soon.  After the production was postponed for nearly two years, it was announced that Madhouse, the highly acclaimed studio who made the first season of the Japanese anime, and the studio well known for series like Death Note, would not be working on the second season of the anime.

Due to internal conflicts in the makers, the name of J.C Staff escalated and the studio has been handling the animation for the second season. The studio is so far famous for Food Wars and Toradora.

The trailer of Season 2 when it was released not revealed much about the plot but gave us the hint of the introduction of several new villains in the highly acclaimed series. The same has been seen now with Season 2 episodes rolling out every Wednesday.

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