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Robert Pattinson Replaces Ben Afflect As Batman In The 2020 Standalone Batman Movie

Not a day goes by without the internet nearly shutting down completely over a breaking news story. The most recent threat of total implosion came on Thursday night, when word got out that Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves were nearing a deal with Robert Pattinson to become the new Batman, taking over for Ben Affleck.

Imagining Pattinson, whom most only know from his role as the glistening vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight film saga, donning the cape and cowl in Reeves’ The Batman was simply too much for people. Pro-Pattinson fans, those who aren’t down for the English actor to portray a famous American superhero, and everyone in between are completely freaking out about Pattinson’s reported casting.

Currently, people are not liking Robert Pattinson as the new Batman but we cannot judge until the movie comes out. We remember back in 2014 when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, people didn’t like his also as Cristian Bale has set a standard for Batman in the Dark Knight Trilogy made by Christopher Nolan. Till now no one has even come close to meeting his standards. Let’s see what this actor has to bring to the table.

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