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What Makes Netflix’s Sex Education A Must Watch Series For Teenagers And Adults!

Netflix’s Sex Education might sound to you like its something related to just sexual relationships between people but its not. The first season of the Netflix original topped the charts as it turned out to be highly successful and was reportedly watched by more than 40 million within 4 weeks of its release. Highly praised by the critics and the audience, the series mainly focused on taboo topics that are often not discussed such as sexuality, relationships, and identity, and it is something you should watch now.

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The show deals with subjects such as the taboo of female masturbation, struggling to identify feelings as romantic in a same-sex friendship, homophobia, and the importance of admitting what you are and what you want. The is show a teenage drama and touches everything that can happen in the universe of an institute. There are romances, there is harassment (and cyberbullying) and yes, there are teenagers who want to have sex and many doubts and situations.

The best thing about the Netflix teen-drama is it doesn’t leave empty spaces. It fills every empty space with a sort of humor and seriousness both combined. It is too impressive how the series turns from its humor to a state of characters understanding themselves. The best suitable example for this is Eric’s role as it goes from the comic relief and some stereotypical gay friend to giving insight into living in a conservative, but later accepting his family and its traditional values. His narrative in the show has one of the most common problems of gay teen life.

These are some of the main reasons what makes Netflix’s Sex Education season one a must watch series for every teenager and adult.

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