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Why Hugh Jackman Is A Real Life Wolverine? A Reason You Won’t Believe

Wolverine is a mutant with unstoppable healing power, adamantium metal claws, and no-nonsense attitude makes the man called Logan, one of the most ferocious heroes in the universe.

Hugh Jackman the actor who portrayed the character of Wolverine on the screens for a long period of time is not less than the character he plays in real life. Stan Lee before his death stated some actors are born to play several characters, the combination of Wolverine and Jackman is one of them.

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You might not know but this 50-year-old Australian actor who portrayed the role of Wolverine from 2000-2017 has fought with cancer for 6 times. This is the tragic side of the Australian actor’s life most aren’t aware of because the man does such a damn good job of putting up a brave face. He never really talked about it.

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The actor has been diagnosed with skin cancer 6 times and each time he has successfully won each of the fights with a smiley brave face. Jackman holds the Guinness World Record for “longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero”.

The actor got a breakthrough through Marvel’s X-Men’s character Wolverine which certainly over the years became a part of his life. Wolverine in the comics has unstoppable healing power and the same ability has so far saved Jackman from the dangerous disease of Cancer for 6 times till now.

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