Samsung Onyx: The Bright Future of Cinemas

Samsung Onyx, Samsung Onyx: The Bright Future of Cinemas

Samsung Onyx is the latest technology in which the screen is 3D compatible. The 4k LED screen has many features such as “Onyx View”, Onyx 3D and “Onyx Sound”.

Display features such as HDR which tends to increase technical performance and reliability.

It is much better than traditional projectors and could be decisive in the future of cinema:

Display Quality

There is a far difference between in terms of quality in projectors and Onyx displays as Onyx has hardware components which force the render process. So simply it enhances the display quality.

Audio Quality

The fundamental acoustics used in Onyx systems are top notch quality. HARMAN professionally upgraded loudspeakers installed in the atmosphere to give viewers a realistic experience.

Screen Size

The current status of screen size is 14m but it is reported that this could be extended in the near future. So now it’s now watching on a large-sized television but later viewers will experience the full cinema environment in upcoming years.

No Interruption Experience

The biggest and annoying problem in cinema halls is a viewer interruption, it usually happened with you when another viewer comes out in your way while watching. Usually, shadows are emerging on the main screen and you’ be frustrated and it must be annoying for anybody. It’s kind of disrupting when this happens, but now Users can enjoy the cinema experience without any interruption.