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Why Alan Rickman’s Severus Snape Is The Greatest Character In J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Universe

“After All This Time”


The half-blood prince, Severus Snape is a character which from being least favorite of the fans in the first three movies turns out as the most loved character of all time as the Harry Potter series ends.

He stands and holds Harry’s back every time he needs support but never exhibits his efforts by backlashing him in front of others.

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Here are a few scenes where he proves his selflessness and love for Potter.

#1 Always

The line and the scene which still leaves the most emotional impact on the minds of the fans and the audience. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, there is a very less chance of you not getting emotionally attached to the character of Snape. His love for Lily is impeccable and historic. Some love stories are not scribbled with golden letters, they are just immortalized by one word, ALWAYS.

#2 Protecting Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the werewolf

One of the very first glimpses we get of Snape’s affection towards Harry and the golden trio is when Lupin transforms into a werewolf and Snape tries to save the three regardless portraying that he hates the golden trio the most. It was the time when Snape for the first time forgets everything and tries to fulfill the promise he made to Dumbledore of saving Harry in every possible situation he can.

#3 The Occlumency lessons

Snape throughout the series until he gives Harry a part of his memory to get a glimpse of everything he has done so far while was seen that he hates the golden trio and has chosen Voldemorts side as he is a bad and evil death eater. In Order of Phoenix, Snape is tasked to teach Harry to protect his mind. He does not go easy on Harry, being brutally honest about what Voldemort can do, and is not kind about invading the student’s mind.

#4 Killing Dumbledore

As Dumbledore mentions, Harry has to be saved even if he has to sacrifice him for Harry. Dumbledore addresses Snape and tells him that no one else other than him should kill him. Confusing the evilest dark lord was not an easy part for both Albus and Snape. This was when Albus tells Snape that he should be the only one to spell ‘Avada Kedara’ on him. This is the only way. Snape for the sake of Harry, kills Dumbledore and portrays himself as the most favorable death eater of Dark Lord.

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The acts and impressions of Severus Snape throughout the series and perfect acting of Alan Rickman in the role is what makes Severus Snape the greatest character in the Harry Potter franchise.

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