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Why Pop Star Ariana Grande Was Sued By A Photographer

Pop star Ariana Grande is being sued for allegedly uploading a photographer’s picture of herself to her Instagram account, according to legal documents.

Pop Star Ariana Grande uploaded a picture on 17th August “Happy sweetener day,” she wrote in the caption on her  Instagram clicked by a photographer to which she was sued for nearly $25,000 for every picture she used, she uploaded 2 photos on Instagram which cost her nearly $50000.

Robert Barbera, a New York-based photographer, photographed Grande last year as she exited a building carrying a bag that read “Sweetener.”

Mr. Barbera is seeking damages of up to $25,000 (£19,000) for each picture she used.

Arina Grande The Next singer is the most followed woman on Instagram, with 155 Million followers.

Grande, 25, has not yet responded to requests for comment.

She is alleged to have posted the pictures to her Instagram account on 17 August last year, on the day Sweetener was released, with the caption “Happy sweetener day”.

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