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This Netflix and Hostar’s Hillarious Fight On Twitter Is The Most Funny Thing Of The Day

The two streaming giants had quite a few words not filled with hatred or anger but filled with a fight dipped in a pinch of humor and sarcasm.
This all started with a simple tweet on the official Twitter handle of the streaming giant.
Netflix has been always commended for posting sarcastic tweets and having a hilarious Twitter handle, the streaming giant posted,

The tweet read,
“We hang out every weekend. We eat all our meals together. Your parents know about us. Hate to break it to you, but we may be in a serious relationship”
After Netflix posted the tweet, a Twitter user @marathimanu replied to the thread,
“We need to talk. I have been cheating on you with @HotstarPremium.”
After which Hostar hillariously responded to thee tweet by replying,
“Sorry, not sorry.”

The quirky fight between the two not ended here. Netflix following Hotstar’s tweet came up with another hillarious line and seemed like they are not ready to back down,
“We don’t mind you experimenting with a hot star but they’d never make you stream like we do.”
The situation was steamed, fans were responsing to the Tweet fight between the two it was when everyone thought Netflix has won but soon Hotstar replied to Netflix by posting the link of a webseries “Insecure”.
“Insecure. Now streaming.”

This is the best conversation I have seen in a while on Twitter. This made my day, has it made yours?
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