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Google Stadia Is Definitely Going To Change Gaming Industry Because Google Shutdown YouTube Gaming App

Google, The Search Engine Giant Shuts down It’s YouTube Gaming Service After It’s 4 years Service.

Google the search engine giant is known for its success in every field he invested but this time Google seems to be falling down in one of its services. Google Family of Apps YouTube, will shut down its service on 30th of May this year due to low traffic and engagement

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Google pulled the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store earlier this year The decision to shutter the YouTube Gaming app largely seems focused on funneling traffic to the main YouTube app, as opposed to splintering audience across multiple destinations. Google recommends users who have saved content on the YouTube Gaming app merge their subscriptions with the main YouTube app but otherwise does not anticipate any major changes to most users’ day-to-day browsing.

So Could that hint that reason behind the shutting of the YouTube Gaming app, that could hint a better comeback from Google this time with Google Stadia, a better rivalry app that could beat everyone in coming future?

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Google recently committed itself to the game in a big way with Google Stadia, a new service designed to stream high-end video games over the internet. YouTube is at the core of Google Stadia; viewers will be able to play games directly from trailers on YouTube, find video walkthroughs via Google Assistant, and join their favorite YouTube streamers in multiplayer games.

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